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Here at STEM Smartly, we strive to provide the most accurate, useful, and up-to-date information on all things STEM - whether that be activity guides, toys, equipment, kits, and anything else that will help our kids excel in the STEM world.

This site was founded by me, Aziz Shaik. Hi!

Me and my son enjoying an afternoon out!
Me and my son enjoying the afternoon out!

A little about myself - I'm a Software Engineer by trade and find myself coding even during my 'off' hours (safe to say I love what I do!).

During my high school and college years I was quite the confused kid in terms of what I wanted to do my life. My father came from a science/medical background and he encouraged me to do the same. So I did. I poured myself into all things biology in college. I quickly found though that while I was getting pretty good grades, I just wasn't into it. So I switched majors to chemistry and again, while I excelled in all my classes I just wasn't into it. What did 20-year old me do next? Tried my hand at Physics of course! Kidding! No, by this time I knew I needed to take a break and just let go of my thoughts on what I should be doing and focus on what I wanted to do.

It was at this point I discovered the wild world of programming by getting curious on how those wildly popular online games I used to play were actually built. How did these games that were only a concept at one point come to fruition and ultimately be played by hundreds of thousands of folks around the world. Long story short, I got curious and my curiosity led me to register for my first ever Programming class and the rest is history. I've been writing code ever since, and loving every second of it!

Why do I say all this though? Trust me, there was a point to my rambling just now, haha! It's because we too need to let our children explore and get curious. By doing so, they too will find their true passion and discover what they're naturally gifted at.

Every child has their strengths, but these strengths, this natural talent is raw and untamed. We as parents can help our children harness their raw, hidden talents to ultimately achieve success in the world.

This is precisely why I built this website. To provide tips, guides, and recommendations to help practice and expose our kids to various helpful tools, equipment, activities, toys and more.

I also want to help demystify the world of STEM. Some look at it as just an acronym that bundles all the 'sciencey' topics together, while others look at it as more a concept of problem-solving real world situations. Both groups would be right - while STEM is indeed just an acronym of topics on what folks thought would best summarize the workforce needs of the coming years it also encompasses much more conceptually.

This site, while it'll cover substantial number of STEM topics, it will be a place where you can find tips and techniques on how best to learn and internalize new material. This is something that we as adults can also learn from and implement in our daily lives.

If you can take away at least one useful bit of information here that will help you and your child's journey, I'll consider this platform a runaway success. My goal, ultimately, is to help you do it SMARTLY!

Where to now?

Well, for starters check out our STEM guides. There you will find a wealth of information on various activities and techniques that you and your child can experiment with. To make it easy to navigate, we broke up posts by each letter of the STEM acronym - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. We also have an abstract category (also my favorite!) called "Learning SMARTLY" which consists of learning techniques that could be applied to any subject matter.

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.
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