9 Fun & Simple Math Card Games

Written by Aziz Shaik
Last updated on December 23, 2021

Nothing beats a fun learning session with the kiddos like some math card games!

There are plenty of resources out there containing a long list of math card games. I picked out the top 9 games I've played with my little ones (and my older nephew). I threw together a pretty image for each game to help them understand the rules of the game faster (really for me but let's keep that between us!). I hope you find these useful too!

These games can be played with kids as young as 6 years of age all the way up to 13-year olds. Your kids will get to learn, practice, and level up in fundamental math skills. This sets a solid foundation for them to excel in an academic setting. All you need is a deck of cards (and some pen/paper to record scores).

So if you are in need of a fun way to pass time with the kids without resorting to staring at a screen. And you want to low-key teach them foundational math skills while doing so, keep reading!

(Just as a DISCLAIMER, I got all the games from other sources which I'll refer to accordingly. Do check them out for more information on the each game!)

Counting On

Math Card Game - Counting On

Source: Creative Family Fun

Gain or Loss

Math Card Game - Gain Or Loss

Source: Guided Math

Triple Digit Dare

Math Card Game - Triple Digit Dare

Source: Math Coach's Corner

Card Bingo

Math Card Game - Bingo

Source: Top Notch Teaching

Close Call

Math Card Game - Close Call

Source: Math Geek Mama

Once Through The Deck

Math Card Game - Once Through The Deck

Source: Let's Play Math

Make Ten

Math Card Game - Make Ten

Source: What We Do All Day

Odd-Even Race

Math Card Game - Odd-Even Race

Source: The Positive Engagement Project (link in wrap-up section)


Math Card Game - 24

Source: Learn With Math Games

Wrapping It Up

If you want more, check out these resources for loads more math card games!

The best advice I can give here is to just start playing! We don't want to or need to tell them that these games will require math skills. The minute kids hear the word 'math' they imagine some super difficult problems, They tend to overthink it.

So quickly review the rules with them and just get started. You and your little ones will end up enjoying the game so much more. All the while learning and practicing fundamental math skills!

Article written by Aziz Shaik
Aziz grew up taking anything and everything that he could get his hands on apart. This curiosity eventually led him down a career path in Software Engineering. Before that, he delved into other majors during his time in college ranging from Chemistry, Microbiology, and Advanced Calculus. Eventually, he found his true passion in Computer Science, though continues his love for other STEM topics by finding creative ways in teaching his kids.

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